Possibly the first service designed specifically for publishers


Looking for bestsellers?

Literary trends change fast and obtaining new manuscripts with commercial potential becomes difficult. How to keep up with all the popular emerging genres?

We are your instrument for bestseller selection.

Litnet’s contests for publishers is a tested convenient way for editors to obtain books that meet their readers’ demands.

Together, we promptly create a contest connecting it to a trending theme.

We advertise it.

A theme-oriented contest gathers and generates those books that fit.

Readers’ reactions, comments, reading statistics: those are the real indicators of interesting books with bestseller potential.

IMPORTANT! You get to see not only how many readers there are but also their reading patterns in regard to each individual chapter. This statistics reveals which texts have genuine reading potential and which the authors merely advertised among their friends and family. This way, at the end of a contest an editor has access to several theme-related interesting books and chooses the one to sign for publication.

Boosting saleS

What we call “subscription,” is a model of eBook distribution that has challenged the standard ways of selling digital books.

How does it work

First Step

Posting parts of a book for free

Two months before the scheduled release of the print edition of the book, the publisher begins to post parts of the book online. The release date of the print version is announced to the readers.

While the book’s promotion is taking place, there is already a spot where potential readers may access its first excerpts.

Second Step

Subscription starts

1.5 months before the release of the print edition of the book, its parts are being posted online and become available with no subscription paywalls. From this point on, the book begins to generate revenue while being of no interest to any pirates.

Third Step

Print book release

Print release date. By this time, 60-80% of the book has already been posted and the posting continues. The most active subscribers want to discover the book’s ending before all the rest do, so they buy the same book again, but a print version this time. All of the subscribers are notified of the print version release.

Fourth Step

End of the posting period of a subscription book

One month after the print release. The posting of the book comes to its end and so do its subscription sales. The book remains available only to those who have previously bought it during the subscription period.

Then you can either sell the full eBook through other retailers or continue doing so here.

Over the three years and three language versions, we have sold more than a million of “subscriptions” indicating that readers are ready to pay for reading in such a way.

Advertisement becomes cheaper

Every subscription gets free advertisement on litnet if you send us a banner. Usually, by advertising a book before its release you waste a part of your promo budget. But if you open a subscription on litnet, you can reveal free teasers before the book becomes available in print. And even if a particular reader doesn’t like subscriptions, you can add an option of pre-ordering a copy in print.

Social media advertisement is tough?

When you publish anything on Facebook or Instagram it’s really a Russian roulette: will your followers ever see this post or no?

On litnet, all of your profile’s subscribers receive notifications when your new books or blog posts appear.

Yes, blogs! You can announce new books, book signings, conference participation, and everything else you can think of. All of your followers will see notifications about your new blog post and will read it.