Literary Contests

Here at Litnet contests are designed directly by the publishers. The winners of these contests get their book published in print and receive royalties. Participate, win, and have a well-known publisher print your novel.

Book publication

At Litnet, authors either publish their books for free or sell them. Writers monetize even those books that they have just started writing. Selling drafts of your novel by subscription allows you to earn money while writing, long before your book takes its final shape.

  • Free self-publishing

    Publishing free books at Litnet is a piece of cake. Our platform constantly promotes our writers’ books through social media and search engines. By publishing books for free, you attract readers, some of whom start buying your paid books.

  • Paid Subscription

    A writer can get a commercial status and initiate a paid subscription. A subscription book is one the author is still in process of writing. An average subscription lasts three months. After that, the writer can continue selling the same book but finished.

  • Finished book sales

    You can sell your complete eBooks on Litnet as if you would through any other virtual retailer. However, only those authors who opened at least one subscription have the option of selling complete books.

Earning money for a book in process is the best protection from piracy

In 99% of the cases, a complete eBook ends up being a pirates’ possession the very day of its release. That leads to a decrease in sales and losses both for authors and publishers. Litnet solves this problem

Communicate directly with your readers

Our system of blogs and commenting allows you to promptly send your news to the readers and receive feedback on each published chapter.

By communicating with Litnet’s readers, you are constantly increasing the number of your book’s followers.

PublicityGet free social media advertisement and promotion through the search engines.

Every author who opens a paid subscription on Litnet gets free banners and a massive advertisement campaign for his book through social media and search engines.

The search engine optimization system attracts new readers. Your name will appear in the first lines of Google search.

Our specialists create ads, set up, and launch promotional campaigns. Simply open a paid subscription and we will take care of your popularity.